Report of SA Parliamentary Selected Committee on Dogs and Cats as Companion Animals

The Panel some months ago made a considered submission to the SA Select Committee, which recently published its report and recommendations. In brief summary, the Committee recommended that breeders be licensed; introduction of an “enforceable standard” for the breeding of dogs and cats; such enforcement include a power of random inspection of all breeders; that an animal be traceable back to its source by the mandatory inclusion of all breeders’ licence numbers and animals microchip numbers in all advertising and at purchase point; a cooling off period; and de-sexing and micro-chipping of dogs and cats prior to sale/transfer from a breeder, pet shop, online or other private sale. The report is available here:

These recommendations were in line with the submissions of the Panel, and others. A copy of the Panel’s submission will be posted to our website later this week: as our website is undergoing transfer to a new format over the next several days.