Bill Bruce discusses the Calgary Model

A dog called ‘Lady’

Here, with a video, is the story of a dog called ‘Lady’:

Our full commentary is at our website here:

Breed Specific Legislation/ ‘Butch’ case: ABC1 ‘7.30’ program interview with Graeme McEwen, 24 August 2012

‘Tye’ the American Bulldog

‘Tye’, a 22 month old desexed American bulldog (not declared a dangerous dog as defined under the Domestic Animals Act 1994) was liable to a destruction order at a hearing at the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court (in Melbourne) over two days on 9 and 10 November 2011.

The Panel arranged pro bono representation of Tye’s owner by Richard Kendall QC and Marian Clerkin of the Panel.  In addition, Catherine Boston of Panel counsel was on standby to apply to the Victorian Supreme Court for a stay of execution on any destruction order made in the Magistrates’ Court without a stay pending an appeal. In the result, the Magistrate refused the Bayside City Council’s application for Tye to be put down.

Tye was released from the Council pound on 10 November and is undergoing training with a view to rehoming at an early opportunity.  Tye was in the Council pound for some five months, and was alleged to have bitten someone. The Magistrate refused the Council application on the basis that Tye’s owner relinquished ownership to the person who will arrange his training and rehoming. The Panel acknowledges the support for Tye in the court hearing given by officers of Superdog Behaviour; Training.



  1. Can you advise me please as i am beyond desperate. My 2 x bullmastiffs got out through human error while i was at work. i drove around in rain, called everywhere and found them 9.30am next day at lost dogs home ranger had picked them up apparently there was some sort of dog attack and they are blaming my male who is 11 years old very old. the night before it took 3 of us to try and get his mouth open and he had swollen under jaw he couldnt open his mouth. vet at lost dogs home has confirmed rotted teeth and hopefully attend tomorrow to them. I was served papers re seizure dog attack, released bitch and the ranger keeps telling me to surrendor him if i cant afford 8-10weeks at $44 per day. My male has 11 flawless years and is the perfect example that you can have a exceptional well trained male not desexed. He will not survive that long he will fret.we have offered to declare him dangerous dog and abide by conditions until court and ranger refused. Ranger refused for us to visit him at lost dogs home. Ranger will not tell me any details where he was found or what time or what even happened. Ranger is telling me i have to be interviewed then had me waiting all day and didnt turn up. ranger wont return my calls. I know my dog and as traumatic and horrible the situation was, it was not my dogs fault and he has never broken skin in his life on anything let alone a human he never should have been out and now this flawless gentle giant is going to suffer a slow sad last few months of his life which he doesn’t deserve.

  2. Please understand and stop discriminating…It is not about the BREED it is about the DEED..Pittbuls are chosen by some coward man and thought to fight to defend them because that makes the coward feel secure..Ask any decent owner and they wil tell you how loving and gentle they are.Those dogs are just victims.No dog is born violent.It is about time that Police trains those in the police force..Too many times those Innocent dogs are shot.Too many times the Justice System makes the wrong decision…..AND THIS IS A CRIMINAL ATTITUDE

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