MEMBERSHIPS AND DONATIONS: Barristers Animal Welfare Panel Foundation

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At long last, the Foundation is able to offer memberships and receive donations, but pending fundraising approvals by different State departments over coming days or weeks, memberships and donations can only be presently offered to residents of Victoria, SA, WA, ACT and NT or to persons who live overseas. The Foundation has been compelled to address the differing and often onerous legal requirements for fundraising of eight jurisdictions, namely, six States and two Territories, and the processing of applications can be slow.

It will be known from our post on 26 June that a key priority of such fundraising is to fund the visit to Australia of Bill Bruce to espouse the merits of the Calgary model over the BSL alternative.

The combined link to both the donations and membership page is . Individually they are: ;; and

Posts will be made to this site of approvals from different States as soon as they are to hand.