Animal Law e-book

Animal Law: Principles and Frontiers


Graeme McEwen LL.M. (Melb)

Member of the Victorian Bar

with contributions by

Adam Ray

Gian- Maria Antonio Fini


The book’s Foreword is by the Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG, who also launched the book on Friday 27 July 2012.


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11 thoughts on “Animal Law e-book

  1. Hello Michael, we do not have many resources at this stage. What is going on with your dog? do you have a phone number?

  2. Is this organisation still active? My dog Hugo snapped at the courier guy. Council has seized him, declared him dangerous and issued a notice for his destruction all in one go. We love Hugo like any member of our family and want him back. We saw him in the pound today and he is very distressed at being in a small conrete cage when he’s used to being on the couch next to me. The council officer has pre-empted the result of our internal appeal and told us she knows this will end uo in QCAT. I don’t feel we are being given due process. Any assistance or advice will be greatly appreciated.

  3. I have passed on your inquiry and will get back to you soon. We have had a shortage of hands on deck for quite a while now!
    Sorry for the delay – you can download it from the website, I guess you realised that?

  4. Good afternoon
    Just wondering whether the animal law e-book is available to purchase in hard copy?

    Thank you

  5. Hi Just reading the excellent ebook on your site by McEwen. Any chance I could copy the link to my FB page where I halots of animals rights/activists who would be interested in reading the book?

    Also do you have a number of barristers co ordinating BAWP in Qld? However my main area of interest is ending the live export trade.

    Kind regards

    Sue Weber

    Se Weber

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