Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds

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One thought on “Dogs and Cats in Shelters and Pounds

  1. I dont mind if this is published or not. I stand for everything that I say. BAWP are doing a fantastic job on behalf of the animals that have no voice and the people or owners that are “ignorant” in the law as it stands. As most of us are me included. I had a dog confiscated 10 years ago not as a restricted breed but they claimed she had killed another dog, which I disbelieved. I signed the papers the council officer put before me as I was told if I did not have 10 thousand dollars to go to court there was nothing I could do I was in a state of shock. Six months later I found out it was not my dog that commited the crime…….. needless to say there was nothing I could do……… I now own a beautiful cross staffy which I think may fall under the catagory of BSL I am scared to register him, I have found out he has a different microchip inside him that was provided by the pet shop where I bought him………….This law has to end the more publicity made for the breed “pit bull” the worse things get dogs are being stollen all over the world……….. it is like being back in the seventies when I fisrt heard about dog fighting and bait dogs….
    I just want to say BAWP I wish I had heard of you guys 10 years ago…. but I dont think facebook was around then I may be wrong……………. Thank god for facebook today……………… Linda Morgan

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