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Dani Fox

Barristers Animal Welfare Panel

Ph: 0474 205 794

W: 0427 105 398



Antonio Carlos Benzano

National Coordinator 

Barristers Animal Welfare Panel




Queensland Coordinator – position vacant


Victorian Coordinator – position vacant


Western Australian Coordinator – position vacant


New South Wales Coordinators

Jennifer Timms

South Australian Coordinator – position vacant


Acting Tasmanian Coordinator – position vacant


Northern Territory Coordinator – position vacant


ACT Coordinator
Krissy Macintosh


8 thoughts on “Contact BAWP

  1. Dear bawp,

    I wonder if you could offer any free advice on if you think the Treaty of Lisbon `culture` clause could be legally challenged on the basis that it is currently used by some European States to sustain the extreme cruelty of bullfighting.Thank you.
    Christopher Aston

  2. You are our heroes!!!
    Regarding izzy can south Australia’s premier act on behalf of RSPCA – Sa or Victorian premier or agric minister jaala pulford absolve Knox council from the handling of this case then takeover the care and responsibilty of izzy from Knox council?

  3. Help With Ranges Info (holding dogs)

    Hello All,
    Wondering if anyone can help me with some info regarding ranges and holding our dog…
    On Thursday the ranges came and took our dog as a report was made that he chased someone. (Our dogs only run for pats and love so I’m guessing someone saw a big dog running towards them and got frightened no attack was made)

    We where not home at the time so we called her back and asked what it is we need to do to get him back.
    We were told a fence has to be put up and that she has to inspect it Monday, also that the person who made the report will be interviewed today, we would then be interviewed Tuesday and hopefully by Tuesday we could have him back with a fee of $150.00 on top may I add.

    Today I have called her and she is “chasing” these people for there report apparently they have not got in contact with her and she is waiting to hear from them.

    This is completely unfair!, how long are they allowed to hold our dog until a report has been made…If it was that serious they would have done the report ASAP she is stating she can’t give him back till she hears from them 🙁 an appointment was made today for the people who complained, if they do not contact or show up can she keep claiming she has to wait??

    We have a second dog here that has not moved from the same spot for the last 4 days as his stressed and missing his daddy…
    Any info would be great seems unfair that she keeps saying “I haven’t herd from them I’m waiting” 🙁

  4. Dear BAWP,
    You may know this, but, if not may interest you.

    Ecuador 2008 Constitution – first country to codify “Rights of Nature” i.e. ecosystems right to exit and flourish; people authority to petition breaches; Gov. required to remedy violations of Natures Rights.

    Switzerland, 2000 Constitutions included rights of dignity for animal and plants – though implication of this not clear.

    Found on Wikipedia.
    Lawyer (NSW)

  5. Dear Bawp team,
    I am writing to ask if you would please help Fiona Bamwell and her family pet, Sandy, the golden retriever.
    You will find Sandy on Fiona’s petition;
    I beseech you in the name of human decency to stand and represent this dog’s voice and save his life. We are his voice. We are his hope.
    Kind regards
    Ayana Noble

  6. Dear BAWP,
    My dog bit another dog at the start of this year and we are now being taken to court by our local council.
    I was hoping you’d be able to tell me whether it’s a good idea to seek legal advice in such circumstances, and if so, where we might look to obtain the relevant advice?
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,

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