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As long ago as 1991, the then Senate Select Committee on Animal Welfare in its report, Aspects of Animal Welfare in the Racing Industry, stated that based on the significant probability on a horse suffering serious injury or even death from jumps races, the relevant State Governments should phase out jump racing within three years.  Jumps racing has been discontinued or outlawed in all States of Australia, except Victoria and South Australia.  The Panel opposes jumps racing and its arguments are set out in a letter dated 17 July 2011 to members of the South Australian Parliament: a copy of the letter is available in the link below.  The 2012 jumps racing season commenced with the deaths of ‘Jotilla’ at the Sandown Steeplechase in Victoria in March and of a ten year -old gelding ‘Virvacity’ at Adelaide’s Oakbank Easter Racing Carnival on 7 April.  Some days later, ‘Art Success’ died in a jumps race event at Oakbank.  In England Britain’s RSPCA condemned the running of the Grand National steeplechase (on 14 April 2012) after two horses were killed in the race, the same number as last year.   The horses were ‘Synchronised’ and ‘According to Pete’. Each had to be put down after they both broke a leg at a particular jump

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Source: Animals Australia, November 2011



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