Panel intervenes to rescue Bonnie


Earlier this year, Bonnie was surrendered by her owner to an outer-Eastern Sydney pound.  Bonnie was then administered a temperament test.  She failed.  Hearing of her plight, the Panel approached the relevant Council and asked if it would agree to a program of rehabilitation / retraining for Bonnie with an appropriate animal behaviourist arranged by the Panel.  The Council agreed.  Bonnie was then placed with Pet Resorts Australia for a period of three months.

Upon her recent return this week, Bonnie was again administered the temperament test.  She passed.  Bonnie is now up for sale.

he Panel congratulates the Council on agreeing to give Bonnie a second chance and takes the view that nearly all dogs should be given a second chance where owners are usually responsible for a dog’s errant behaviour.  The Panel also views the temperament test as crude.  The dog is in a foreign environment, abandoned by the owner, or lost.  The temperament test has never been scientifically validated.  The risk exists that it becomes a management tool for under-resourced councils.

The Panel extends its grateful thanks to Pet Resorts Australia.