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On 12 May 2014 a 5 month old puppy was impounded by Sydney City Council as a stray and taken to Sutherland Animal Shelter. His owner found him at the Shelter on 14 July 2014 and provided photographs to prove she owned him. Shelter staff were satisfied Bam Bam was her dog. However, instead of…


Panel intervenes to stop Brisbane City Council wrongly declaring “Tez” a Pit Bull Terrier

On 2 December 2014 Tez escaped from his owners’ backyard. Despite returning home, Brisbane City Council issued an infringement notice for “wandering.” Then, and on the basis of photographs alone, Council alleged that Tez was a Pit Bull Terrier and requested that he be handed over for a ‘22 point check’ to determine his breed. Tez’s owner provided a veterinary certificate pursuant to s 63 of the…



Labrador cross Kelpie ‘Boss’ has been saved from death. Boss had been declared a dangerous dog by Knox City Council but Boss’s owner was unable to comply with the housing requirements for a dangerous dog within the prescribed time period. He was also unable to afford the thousands of dollars in pound fees incurred as…



The High Court of Australia has granted Izzy’s owner special leave to appeal. The High Court appeal will likely be heard in April. The Panel extends its grateful thanks to Panel counsel Richard Kendall QC and Andrew Felkel, instructed by Daniel Beecher of Phoenix Legal Solutions.

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The Panel is pleased to report that rottweiler ‘Laura‘, a declared dangerous dog in the jurisdiction of Greater Dandenong City Council, has been saved from euthanasia. Laura‘s owner is currently homeless, and therefore unable to comply with the housing requirements for a dangerous dog. Accordingly, the Council formed a preliminary view that Laura must be destroyed. In order…



In a judgement published at 11.30am, VCAT President, Garde J, found that Kerser is not a restricted breed dog. And Panel counsel appeared in all the different proceedings for owner Jade Applebee without any personal cost to her whatsoever. In brief summary, on 4 December 2012 the City of Monash seized and impounded Kerser. On…

Seth and Jaxon

Panel intervenes to save Seth and Jaxon

In our post of 18 November 2014 we reported that American Staffordshire Terriers, Seth (13 years) and Jaxon (10 months) were both on death row following allegations in August of an attack involving two persons, and a Pomeranian dog and a cat. Both animals were killed and one person received minor injuries. But the owner…



The last video depicts Mylo in the car ready to go home. All media were present. Channels 7, 9 and 10 all captured the moment of reunion, which will be screened in their news bulletins tonight (Ch. 10, 5pm and Chs. 7 and 9, 6pm). Fairfax Media (The Age) and News Limited (Brimbank Leader and Herald…



In a judgement published at 9.30am, VCAT President, Garde J, found that Mylo is not a restricted breed dog. Mylo needs to be desexed before he can be released. It is anticipated this will be done quickly and that hopefully he will go home Friday. Mylo has been incarcerated for some 2 years and 7…

Seth and Jaxon

Panel intervenes for Queensland’s Seth and Jaxon

American Staffordshire Terriers, Seth (13 years) and Jaxon (10 months) are both on death row following allegations in August of an attack involving two persons, and a Pomeranian dog and a cat. Both animals were killed and one person received minor injuries. But the owner advised Sunshine City Council that it was her other dog,…


Victoria’s Labor Opposition promises Inquiry into BSL

With an election a fortnight away in Victoria, the Labor Opposition has promised if elected it will subject breed specific legislation (‘BSL’) to a parliamentary inquiry. Further, during the inquiry there will be a prohibition on killing any dogs detained under BSL. The announcement comes just over a year after BAWP brought Bill Bruce to…


Panel Intervenes to Save Sonny

Earlier this month in Wodonga, Victoria American Staffordshire Sonny was impounded by Wodonga City Council and declared a restricted breed. The Panel has intervened to appeal the declaration, which is due to be filed in VCAT by 16 October. The Panel extends it’s grateful thanks to Daniel Beecher of Phoenix Legal Solutions and barrister Simone Bailey for their assistance in preparing the VCAT appeal application.


Panel intervenes to rescue Bonnie

Earlier this year, Bonnie was surrendered by her owner to an outer-Eastern Sydney pound.  Bonnie was then administered a temperament test.  She failed.  Hearing of her plight, the Panel approached the relevant Council and asked if it would agree to a program of rehabilitation / retraining for Bonnie with an appropriate animal behaviourist arranged by…


Mylo files fresh VCAT Application

Today VCAT President, Garde J, granted leave to the owner of Mylo to file a fresh application out of time challenging the City of Brimbank’s declaration on 17 May 2012 that he is a restricted breed dog. The fresh application was directed to be filed by 29 July: it was in fact filed today soon…

Brutus goes home

Further to our FB posts of 18 April and 12 May 2014 where we reported on the plight of Brutus, Coco and 9 puppies seized on 23 August 2013 by Hume City Council, Brutus went home to his owner on 10 June. Brutus’ owner  had lost at VCAT, Judge Harbison affirming on 11 May the…


Knuckles fights on

  By a Supreme Court injunction to stop Knuckles (and Zeus) being killed on the day he was scheduled to be put down last year by Geelong City Council, and subsequently by consent orders of VCAT revoking the Council’s declaration that he was a restricted breed dog, the Panel intervened to save Knuckles’ life: view our…


Kerser wins leave to appeal: appeal fixed for 11 October 2013

Croucher J of the Supreme Court of Victoria at 10am today determined to allow Kerser’s appeal against the Associate Justices’s refusal to grant leave (permission) to appeal, and fixed an early date of 11 October 2013 for hearing the appeal itself. It will be recalled that at the first VCAT hearing Jade Applebee lost her…