Panel intervenes to rescue 10 lives

A small dog rescue operation on the NSW/Victorian border was subject to local Council enforcement action in respect of noise and number of dogs at the property. The principal had over time homed over 20 dogs, including ‘over- bred’ mothers, adult males and puppies. Rescued dogs included intensively bred dogs trained to be aggressive. Court orders were obtained by the Council to reduce the number of dogs to just four. Further, on one occasion three dogs escaped, a mother and two of her pups. It was alleged that the mother killed a chicken, and a dangerous dog declaration was made in respect of her by the Council. All three dogs were seized and detained at the local pound. At this point, the Panel’s assistance was sought.

Intensive negotiations by the Panel with the local Council and its solicitors enabled the three dogs at the pound to be released to the Animal Welfare League NSW for behavioral training and rehoming. The Panel commends the CouncilĀ  for its cooperation.

Another seven dogs housed at the rescue operation’s property were secured a place at the Animal Welfare League’s shelters, where they are undergoing veterinary treatment and behavioral training. If these dogs had not transferred to the Animal Welfare League NSW, their inevitable fate would have been that they were killed.

The Panel extends its grateful thanks to the Animal Welfare League NSW for its support in enabling the dog’s rescue.

We will publish a photo of the dogs next week on our Facebook page.