The Fight for Knuckles and Zeus Part III

Knuckles: by orders made today with the consent of the parties the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ordered that the restricted breed dog declaration of the City of Greater Geelong dated 7 November 2012, be set aside. Originally, as Knuckles owner could not be found to challenge the restricted breed declaration, the Council believed it was obliged to euthanize Knuckles. The Panel intervened and, in the Supreme Court of Victoria on behalf of For Dogs Sake as applicant, Panel Counsel ( Anthony Schlicht) secured a late afternoon interlocutory injunction to stop Knuckles from being put down that day.

Soon after (and whilst the Supreme Court proceeding was still on foot) Knuckles owner was identified (by means of FB posts by For Dogs Sake). On the owner’s behalf the Panel then sought a review of the restricted breed dog declaration at VCAT, resulting in the consent orders made today. The Panel congratulates the City of Greater Geelong on their co-operation in negotiating this outcome once Knuckles owner was identified and located.

Knuckles has now been released to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society to be re-homed.

The Panel gratefully acknowledges and thanks Anthony Schlicht and Sara Hinchey of counsel, and Michael Faltermaier Lawyers and Alysha Tuziak of TurksLegal for their legal endeavour.

Zeus: the VCAT hearing for Zeus has been fixed for 17 December 2013.  Panel counsel will represent Zeus’s owner , instructed by Alysha Tuziak of TurksLegal, solicitors.



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