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  1. Sandi how dare you have a go at Animal Cruelty Hotline We have no powers of legislation BUT we have been complaining to RSPCA AND Bio security about the Thangool horses written to the Qld minister emailed the director RSPCA Andrew Tribe personally nothing has been done What more do you expect us to do ???Of course it is alleged cruelty by way of starvation.. I spoke with the boss of inspectorate who tells me it is the concern of Bio security also. Emailed ministers etc

  2. Barrie Tapp, do you consider the blatant starvation of the horses at Thangool, Q to be Animal Cruelty ?
    You have been contacted about this disgraceful matter for the last 2 mths along with the RSPCA & goodness knows how many other offices & Govt Depts but not one word from anybody except Bio Security who also refuses to seize the horses (who now are on their last legs) or prosecute this man for starving them.
    Instead when caring people have wanted to buy hay for the horses it was either refused or taken & not fed to them anyway…
    Im absolutely disgusted that you hide behind an Animal Cruelty Hotline that will do nothing to stop this torture or for that matter the horrific disaster that has unfolded with the Barmah Brumbys slowly painfully dying from starvation because Parks Vic wont let anyone feed them…


  3. I am sorry Barrie I will get back to you on the opinion of BAWP – however we stand to protect vulnerable animals. were you able to protest or let them know your views. when you look at the meat industry and how it disregards animal suffering the task to protect animals and make changes for the better is one those of us who see it must undertake.

  4. Piglets are being used in races in coming events at Somerset Tasmania on October 29th we consider this to be abuse and cruelty causing stress/terrifies/worry’s/torments, and stress. Animals should not be used in entertainment that causes the above at all as per the animal welfare act. What is the opinion of BAWP thank you Barrie Tapp Animal Cruelty Hotline Australia

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