James Caleja was jailed for three months on Wednesday after pleading guilty to aggravated cruelty. Photo: Noni Hyett

Further to our post of , James Caleja was last week sentenced to 3 months jail for shooting Spot the kangaroo with a crossbow. An extract from the Age newspaper report follows:

“A man who donned camouflage gear and shot a kangaroo with a crossbow outside a family’s home has been jailed for animal cruelty.

But James Caleja last week claimed the media coverage of his case before the courts had “destroyed my life”, and told a magistrate he had skipped a court appearance because of stress and anxiety.

Caleja, 34, from Sunbury, had his bail revoked last Friday and was on Wednesday jailed for three months after pleading guilty to aggravated cruelty to an animal, possessing a controlled weapon without excuse and trespass.

After his sentence, he asked that the crossbow be returned to his brother and asked magistrate Lance Martin if he could appeal.

On August 12 last year, Caleja and his brother went onto Marcus Smith’s property in Ashbourne, near Woodend, wearing head-to-toe camouflage gear and fired a crossbow at an adult male eastern grey kangaroo, Melbourne Magistrates Court heard.

The men could not capture the kangaroo, and left. The animal still had the crossbow bolt stuck in its head.

Spot survived for nine days with arrow bolt in his skull

Photo of Spot taken by Marcus Smith

It wasn’t until two weeks later that Wildlife Victoria volunteers managed to tranquilise¬†the injured kangaroo and take it to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

The kangaroo, known as Spot to Mr Smith’s family because of a tuft of white hair on its side, died two days after surgery to remove the bolt.”