Dusty the red kelpie – Hendra Virus

Dusty, the two year old red Kelpie and beloved pet to a family on a Mount Alfrod property in Queensland tested positive to the Hendra Virus antibodies on 26 July 2011.

In an attempt to save Dusty from a destruction order of Bio-security Queensland, BAWP supported the family with pro bono legal assistance. Sadly, despite our efforts and the efforts of others who joined the campaign we were not able to save Dusty and he lost his fight on 31 July 2011at home in the arms of his owner.

Dusty was liable to ‘shed’ the virus and thus infect other animals or people. He thus faced a future at best in isolation.

The nationwide campaign sparked the New South Wales and Queensland Governments to pledge $6 million research grants towards the Hendra Virus.





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