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19 thoughts on “Contact BAWP

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    Hi, we make mini size low power motion detection camera with wifi preview, image upload and push notification for animal protection, can standby for 25 days. Motion detection can work through glass. A lot of org are using this for animal protection. We also have wide viewing angle camera and night vision camera with trigger in / out ports. Please let me know if it is useful for you, thanks!

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  4. An enquiry re: Animal Management (Dogs and Cats) Act 2008 (QLD)
    Unable to find contact details on this website and the function on the BAWP facebook page is deactivated

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  6. Can u please help. My Smithfield male dog was seized by the local laws officers on Wednesday 2nd Feb 2022. They have provided no evidence of an ‘alleged’ dog attack. They have had my dog for a week now and are not communicating anything other than to say he has committed a criminal offence and will go to court. I am completely distraught. I need some legal help. Thank you.

  7. Can you please advise what is considered a puppy farm, the definition in legislation, that should be used as evidence of correctly identifying a business as a puppy farm and not a registered breeder

  8. It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “threshholds”. Check out a service like to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.

  9. I really need your help! Angel was seized November 23rd 2020 and has been declared a restricted breed dog. I am having this decision reviewed by vcat. I don’t believe Angel even fits the standard but according to an animal attendant with no experience assessing to standard and an animal control officer for local council with no prior experience Angel meets the standard. Before Angel was declared I had emailed the council numerous times regarding Angels parents being AMSTAFF and having vetinary certificates which exempt them from being assessed against the standard! I cannot afford legal representation and the council will be seeking to destroy Angel as they have since alleged that she was involved in a dog attack against another dog. Angel is innocent t of this attack and the witness statements describe a different dog and im confident when that goes to court she will be proven innocent. But as for the restricted breed declaration im finding it hard to find someone with experience to assess her against the standard at the rspca

  10. Dear well-meaning, It is my practice when considering an organisation to check the ANCN registration status.
    When searching Barristers Animal Welfare Panel apparently In October (2020?) ACNC Assistant Commissioner Anna Longley publicly notified some charities they risked losing their charity registration. Charities are obliged to keep their reporting up to date. So sadly I won’t be donating to BAWP this time.

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  15. Dear BAWP,
    You may know this, but, if not may interest you.

    Ecuador 2008 Constitution – first country to codify “Rights of Nature” i.e. ecosystems right to exit and flourish; people authority to petition breaches; Gov. required to remedy violations of Natures Rights.

    Switzerland, 2000 Constitutions included rights of dignity for animal and plants – though implication of this not clear.

    Found on Wikipedia.
    Lawyer (NSW)

  16. You are our heroes!!!
    Regarding izzy can south Australia’s premier act on behalf of RSPCA – Sa or Victorian premier or agric minister jaala pulford absolve Knox council from the handling of this case then takeover the care and responsibilty of izzy from Knox council?

  17. Dear bawp,

    I wonder if you could offer any free advice on if you think the Treaty of Lisbon `culture` clause could be legally challenged on the basis that it is currently used by some European States to sustain the extreme cruelty of bullfighting.Thank you.
    Christopher Aston

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