Panel’s intervention finally secures freedom for Brisbane’s Zeus


Brisbane’s Zeus upon release today

Brisbane’s Zeus upon release today

For the past six months or so the Panel has been battling to save Brisbane dog Zeus from a destruction order. Today Zeus was finally released (pictured).

Zeus was found “wandering at large” by the Brisbane City Council in August 2013 and classified as “substantially fitting the description of an American Pit Bull Terrier”, a prohibited breed in Brisbane. The Council issued a destruction order.
Due to Panel law firm, Holding Redlich (Brisbane office) and Panel counsel and Queensland director, Graeme Page QC, proceedings were filed urgently in the Brisbane Magistrates Court appealing the destruction order.
After a long search for a veterinarian willing to independently assess Zeus’ breed, Dr. Jack Ayerbe at the Panel’s request visited Zeus (from Melbourne) to assess his breed, accompanied by Panel Queensland Coordinator, Ruth Hatten. Dr Ayerbe certified Zeus as “a crossbred entire male dog” who “appears to have the physical characteristics more of an American Staffordshire Terrier than any other breed”.
This veterinarian’s certificate should have secured Zeus’ immediate release. However, notwithstanding the certificate, the Council stood by their classification of Zeus as a Pit Bull, which was later supported by a Council-engaged veterinarian.
The proceeding commenced to be heard in the Brisbane Magistrate’s  Court on 17 January 2014 but was later adjourned part–heard to enable the parties to explore the option of rehoming Zeus outside the Brisbane City Council’s jurisdiction. Graeme Page QC appeared that day for Zeus’ owner instructed by solicitors, Holding Redlich. The matter later settled.
Due to the terrific assistance on different fronts of BARK Qld, Team Dog, Fetching Dogs, and Bobbie Lee-West, a foster home for Zeus in the BSL-free ACT was secured, monies were raised for pound fees, and his transport was organised from Brisbane today to the ACT.  Zeus was released from the pound this morning and is now on his way to his new home in the company of Rebecca Patterson of BARK Qld. It is very unfortunate that Zeus cannot be returned to his home but his life has been saved.
The Panel extends its grateful thanks to Panel counsel, Graeme Page QC and law firm, Holding Redlich (Brisbane office). 
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