Victoria’s Labor Opposition promises Inquiry into BSL

MyloWith an election a fortnight away in Victoria, the Labor Opposition has promised if elected it will subject breed specific legislation (‘BSL’) to a parliamentary inquiry. Further, during the inquiry there will be a prohibition on killing any dogs detained under BSL.

The announcement comes just over a year after BAWP brought Bill Bruce to Australia to meet with government and welfare representatives and, in particular in this context, with John Lenders, Labor’s then shadow Minister for Agriculture. In February this year in a speech to the Victorian Parliament Mr Lenders flagged, with copious references to the Calgary model, that there must be a better and less costly alternative to BSL. It will be recalled that Bill Bruce is the former and long standing director of the animal and by-law services branch of the Calgary Council in Canada and is credited with triggering a substantial reduction in dog attacks and bites in the city. Further references to Bill Bruce will be found in our FB posts of October 2103. The Calgary model focuses on improving responsible pet ownership, early intervention with education of children, licensing and early socialisation of dogs.