A bequest can enable your commitment to live on and the Panel’s ground-breaking program to flourish and continue. The fight is ongoing .

How to leave a bequest to help animals

If you would like to make a bequest to the Barristers Animal Welfare Panel Foundation Trust , the following wording is recommended in consultation with your solicitor. It provides for two alternatives., a sum certain or a percentage of your residuary estate.

“I give [the sum of $_________ / _____% of my residuary estate ] to BARRISTERS ANIMAL WELFARE PANEL FOUNDATION PTY LTD ACN164 229 038 of 525 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 in its capacity as trustee of the BARRISTERS ANIMAL WELFARE PANEL FOUNDATION TRUST (“Foundation”) or such other person or entity which acts as trustee of the Foundation at the date of my death, for the general use and purposes of the Foundation, and the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of the Foundation will be a complete and sufficient discharge to my executors in respect of this gift.”

Please let us know if you make a bequest, so that we may know of your support.You can email us at accounts.bawpf@bawp.org.au.

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