Laura for FacebookThe Panel is pleased to report that rottweiler ‘Laura‘, a declared dangerous dog in the jurisdiction of Greater Dandenong City Council, has been saved from euthanasia. Laura‘s owner is currently homeless, and therefore unable to comply with the housing requirements for a dangerous dog. Accordingly, the Council formed a preliminary view that Laura must be destroyed. In order to devise a solution to save Laura, the Panel worked with solicitor Daniel Beecher to find alternative housing. Daniel was successful in finding a community based foster care network (Unforgettable Creatures) to take care of Laura until such time as her owner is able to provide her with adequate housing. The Council agreed to this arrangement, and on 2nd January 2015 Laura was released into the care of a foster carer.

The Panel extends its grateful thanks to solicitor Daniel Beecher of Phoenix Legal Solutions, and barristers Mark Rinaldi and Deanna Caruso. Sincere thanks also to Unforgettable Creatures for securing a foster carer, and to the Greater Dandenong City Council for agreeing to allow Laura to be transferred into foster care